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Training Crucial Conversations ®

A very good training which I will practice in my daily work

I can practice these powerful skills every day in my work and in my private life too. The instructor is clear and provides a safe feeling. A very good training which I will practice in my daily work.

9.4 / 10
Training Crucial Conversations ®

The trainer has humor, and is open in sharing personal experiences

It was nice to have a diverse group of people, Learning of others is great. We received a lot of pratical tools to use to improve ourselves. The trainer has humor, and I respect her openess to share personal experiences. Her vulnerability really created an environment for learning.

9.1 / 10
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Being Micromanaged

Dear Crucial Skills, My boss has started micromanaging me. She constantly asks me for updates. One morning, by 10 o’clock, I had already received ten e-mail messages from her and it took me an hour and a half just to reply to her requests for updates! To add to things, she’s related to the vice president so I feel like if I try to bring this up and it goes awry, my working days could be numbered.… Lees verder »

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No Time for Dialogue

Dear Crucial Skills, I am a first-line supervisor at a hospital and was fortunate enough to attend a Crucial Conversations training. I enjoyed it thoroughly and got some good tips on dealing with crucial conversations. The problem we run into in the hospital is that we do not always have the luxury of spending time on dialogue when a crucial issue arises due to circumstance that require immediate intervention. These often are situational and necessary to prevent… Lees verder »

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