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Training Crucial Accountability ®

The videos represent standard office situations very well

The videos's were very clear and represent standard office situations very well. The instructor explained the concepts clearly.

8,9 / 10
Training Crucial Accountability ®

Good communication skills, and analyzing problems in motivation and ability

The training has provided me with strong communication skills. I also got a clear view on problems, by analyzing motivation and ability.

8,7 / 10
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Dear Crucial Skills, I am a first-line supervisor at a hospital and was fortunate enough to attend a Crucial Conversations training. I enjoyed it thoroughly and got some good tips on dealing with crucial conversations. The problem we run into in the hospital is that we do not always have the luxury of spending time on dialogue when a crucial issue arises due to circumstance that require immediate intervention. These often are situational and necessary to prevent… Lees verder »

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How to Get Respect From the Boss

Dear David, My boss and I have weekly one-on-one meetings. During these meetings, he frequently takes phone calls from his family, gets up in the middle of a discussion to use his personal restroom, and allows workers to just barge in to talk to him. I’m very frustrated with these interactions but he is the owner of the company and I am a new manager. I’ve discussed it with my peers, but the general consensus is it’s… Lees verder »

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