How Do I Become a Certified Trainer?

Learn from the best and teach the rest

VitalSmarts certifed trainers are some of the very best in the business. Our trainer certifcation courses are designed to sharpen training skills and enhance understanding of the related course content.

Three Requirements for Trainer Certifcation

1. Facilitation Ability
Our Trainer Certifcation courses focus on deepening content knowledge, maximizing instructional design through use of videos and exercises, and clearly explaining content through the use of storytelling.

2. Committed Organization
In order for trainers to be successful, it is imperative that their organization supports them in the training process. Certifed Trainers should come from a sponsoring workplace that has committed budget to the training. During the Certifcation Course, a Master Trainer will discuss the tools and resources available to assist trainers in marketing and implementing VitalSmarts Training.

3. Technical Competence
Ability to use technology is an essential part of Trainer Certifcation. Our training presentations integrate slides, videos, exercises, and audience polling. The system is not diffcult to use for those who are comfortable with Microsoft Office Products or other presentation software.

The VitalSmarts Certification Process

Become certified in one or more of our training courses:

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3 Steps to Certification

During the Trainer Certifcation Course, a Master Trainer will review the Trainer Certifcation Process in more detail. Here are the steps involved:

    Step 1: Obtain Provisional Certifcation

  • Attend the full course workshop.
  • Complete the Trainer Certifcation course.
  • Demonstrate understanding of course content and effective facilitation skills.
    Step 2: Become a Certifed Trainer

  • Teach three courses within nine months.
  • Submit 3 course dates in the Lives Impacted Program.
    Step 3: Maintain Training Skills

  • Continue training the course as often as possible.
  • Visit the Trainer Zone ( for training aids, Quick Prep videos, web seminars, and downloadable resources.

What does the Trainer Certifcation Course entail?

The Trainer Certifcation Course is designed to give trainers a deeper understanding of the content and a basic set of skills to deliver the training.

  • Course Content Review
  • A cognitive assessment helps identify areas each trainer should focus on in reviewing the content and preparing to train. The content overviews will help you make the connections between
    lessons and skills.

  • Application and Coaching
  • Trainers will apply the skills and have an opportunity to coach others through their use of the skill as they will with their participants in their classrooms.

  • Practice
  • Trainers will learn to use the VitalSmarts Instructional Platform and have plenty of opportunities to practice and ask questions.

  • Videos and Exercises
  • Our training courses have a wealth of videos that demonstrate important skills, and exercises that give participants a chance to practice what they are learning. The certifcation course covers how to set up and debrief key exercises and videos, as well as how to get the maximum impact from them.

  • Teachback
  • At the end of the Trainer Certifcation Course, each trainer will have an opportunity to demonstrate facilitation skills during a fifteen-minute “teachback.” He or she will also receive coaching and feedback from the Master Trainer and others in the course.

What are the trainer materials?

    Trainers will receive the following Trainer Materials on the frst day of the Trainer Certifcation Course:

  • Trainer Guide
  • VitalSmarts Instructional Platform with respective course presentations
  • Access to the Trainer Zone ( an online hub of tools, videos, and resources designed to help our trainers succeed