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Training Crucial Accountability ®

Training Crucial Accountability ® is being rated 8.2 of 10 based on 5 reviews.

Increase accountability, increase performance

On average, 95% of all employees find it hard to hold their colleagues accountable. These employees often feel like they don’t possess the necessary skills or have the authority to talk about violated expectations. What they don’t realize, is that every time they avoid a discussion about accountability, money is wasted.

Feedback training

During our two-day Crucial Accountability course, we will use videos, discussions, and assignments to teach your employees how to strengthen accountability in real-life situations. By combining an improved sense of accountability with skills that are used to give and receive feedback in an effective manner, weak spots in your organization will start to disappear. Without these weak spots, bottom-line results like safety, performance, quality, and customer satisfaction will improve significantly.

What does Crucial Accountability teach you?

Our two-day Crucial Accountability course teaches the following five essential skills:

  • Learn how to hold anyone accountable, no matter his or her position;
  • Learn how to have effective performance discussions, while maintaining good relationships;
  • Learn how to motivate others without using power. Provide clear feedback, explain consequences, and provide solutions;
  • Learn how to keep projects on track without taking over. Remove performance barriers and learn how to help others;
  • Learn how to work in a result-oriented manner. Make plans, follow up on these plans, and report the results. This is the only way to manage new expectations.

Who benefits from our Crucial Accountability training?

Crucial Accountability is a course that will help people in many different roles and in many different layers of organizations – from work floor to boardroom -. It is suitable for anyone who relies on the efforts of others to achieve goals. Step-by-step the course will teach the skills that are necessary to strengthen accountability, increase performance, and will ensure the proper execution of tasks.


Crucial Accountability is an incompany course with English teaching materials. However, the course itself is also available in Dutch. Approximately 60% of the largest corporations in the world have already made use of our services. Contact VitalSmarts Benelux and discover how your organization will benefit from Crucial Accountability and our other training courses.

If your team already participated in our Crucial Conversations course, it is possible to participate in a special one-day follow-up course of Crucial Accountability.

Crucial Accountability Training in English │ 1 Days from 9 AM – 5 PM

Only available when you have already attended a Crucial Conversations course

March 12, 2019

Amsterdam │ Mercure A’dam Airport

€ 750,– Inschrijven

Oct. 15, 2019

Amsterdam │ Mercure A’dam Airport

€ 750,– Inschrijven

Crucial Accountability Trainer Certification in English │ FasTrack

First attend the regular 1-Day course

If you are already certified in Crucial Conversations and you’ve attended the regular one day Crucial Accountability workshop than you’re certification only requires an online assessment. Please contact us for more information.

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Training Crucial Accountability in 3 minutes

Training Crucial Accountability in 3 minutes

The UnAccountables

The UnAccountables

Unique training method

Unique training method

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The instructor is friendly, explains clearly, and easy to understand.

This training is very helpfull. I will try to use these skills from now on. I hope I can see good results very soon. The instructor is friendly, explains clearly, and easy to understand.

8,9 / 10

I like the videos and role plays

I like the role plays and videos that are used in this training. The instructor is very enthusiastic and clear in her communication.

8,9 / 10

Good communication skills, and analyzing problems in motivation and ability

The training has provided me with strong communication skills. I also got a clear view on problems, by analyzing motivation and ability.

8,7 / 10

Step away and think before taking action is the key

The training provides a strong model with GAP notification, and to think deeply about 6 sources. It helps me to create tactics for difficult, personal discussions. I need to review myself, and think more before taking actions, that is the key. Step away. The instructor is is a positive person and strong in time keeping. It was clear she was working with the skills as well.

9,1 / 10

The videos represent standard office situations very well

The videos's were very clear and represent standard office situations very well. The instructor explained the concepts clearly.

8,9 / 10